My Recent Interview With

After speaking with Frank Seabrook and touching on his recent endorsement, it appears LI Politics decided to go ‘up the food chain’ to do an interview with yours truly. It’s informative, rewarding &, at times, a bit heartbreaking as the loss of my beautiful daughter Kattie is discussed. I hope you read and enjoy it and please share it with
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Gigi & Seabrook

It’s Official: Frank Seabrook Endorses My Campaign

In the latest issue of LI former former Liberty Report publisher Frank Seabrook has officially endorsed my campaign for State Senate, ending several weeks of rumors among those who know him–and which party he normally back.  Here’s a smidgen of the revelation: “Let’s talk about Zeldin and Senft in a bit. First, let me ask you: Are you officially
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My Recent Interview on ‘Libertarians Working for You’

  I was recently interviewed on “Libertarians Working for You“, a radio show hosted by current National Libertarian Party Political Director Carla Howell. The interview was a focus on school safety and the right to self defense and what I (along with fellow guest Leo Dymowski, who’s running for Attorney General in Maryland) would do if elected to change/address/deal with them
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Two Recent Articles On My Campaign

Yesterday, Feb 21, two articles came out on my run for NY State Senate. One was wonderfully positive and the other was reporting on a happy thing that has happened for me & my campaign: publisher of the New York Liberty Report and Chairman of the New York Liberty PAC Frank Seabrook’s (apparent?) endorsement of my run for State Senate.
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LP News

A Mention In The New Issue of LP News

It was a great pleasure to see myself mentioned in the latest issue of the LP News, put out by The Libertarian Party, especially in an article telling of their actions against the illegal spying being done by The NSA. I have always held that these actions are not only wrong, but (wholly) unconstitutional and now more & more Americans
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